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Straight Guys First Massage: Happy Endings 7
Released By: Buzz West
Starring: Casey (m) Bo Scott Vince
Casey shoots stream after stream of cum and I didn't think it was going to stop. He has one of the most explosive orgasms that I've seen in a long time! I could feel Vince's ass twitch with every close pass by his hairy hole, so I thought I'd see how far he would let me go. "Amazing" he said, and was SO happy he couldn't stop giggling. Scott didn't tell me that he's never gotten off from a hand job before. I worked all the magic I could conjure up in my hands and I'm proud to say... he can't say that anymore! Bo is finally out of the Marines, and called me up to ask if I still did "that massage thing". I was so excited, I invited him right over! Bo is such a hairy teddy bear, I had to use LOTS of oil! I make several close passes to his ass and he was so quiet I wasn't sure how to take him. I work the back side a little more and then I spot it. Bo's huge cock was pushing out from his side! I couldn't wait, so I had him flip over and BAM he was totally hard! I massage over his beautiful hairy chest, running my fingers through his forest of hair and brushing past his engorged cock. I don't make him wait any longer. I work him to the edge a few time and then start a steady rhythm to milk him dry. He moans a quiet "oh yeah" and his toes give a hard curl. He lets out a little moan and unloads in relief. I found out afterward that this was the first time a guy has ever touched his cock! Ah, another straight virgin gives it up on camera!